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Sandhills Knockerball, owned by Rich Padin of Pinehurst, is run by local first responders!  Rich is a former Aberdeen Police Officer, having been on the force for 7 years.  He is now on the force in Robbins.  Rich and his team care about our community and about having fun! All of this fun stemmed from tragedy and heartache.
Rich's son, Richie, was born with congenital heart defects and passed away at the Boston Pediatric Cardiology Hospital at just 2 and a half years old. Rich received a lot of help from the community and wanted to pay it forward. In his son's memory, he created a non-profit called Little Richie's Smiles and he began to put together fundraisers to help local families with children that are diagnosed with congenital heart defects. 1 in 100 newborns are born with CHD and about 25% of those children will need heart surgery or interventions to survive. 
During an event, he remembers spending a lot of his personal money on attractions. He was worried that he would not generate a profit to donate. One of the attractions was Knockerball from a Raleigh franchise. Everyone loved it!  Rich considered starting his own Knockerball business, but he was on the fence. Fate intervened when he was sitting at Hickory Tavern one day and saw a commercial playing for Knockerball. That was the sign he needed to start his franchise and he's never looked back. 
Sandhills Knockerball is a party rental business for all age groups, children to adults, that can bring out the fun at the smallest of to fairs and festivals. Knockerball, their staple item is a big ball you get inside. It's like human bumper carts, mixed with soccer, where you can run, jump, roll, kick and flip while being fully shielded from the thighs up!  So fun!  But that's not all.  Rich also offers Nerf Wars, Archery Tag, interactive inflatables, and MUCH more. Click the image to visit the Sandhills Knockerball website to see everything that's available.  And remember, when you support Sandhills Knockerball, you're supporting a man on a mission to help others. 

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